Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Archery Rage

Archery Rage

Soo, let's start with the explanation of the game, so you guys can have some information about it.

The name is going to be "Archery Rage", as it is seen from the name, obviously it's an archery game right (lol) ?  Let's go a little bit deeper to see what kind of an archery game it is going to be. We have an archer on the left side of the screen and some targets on the right side of the game. Our hero's (archer) aim is to hit those targets with his bow and arrows to complete the level, but be careful, as there are only limited amount of arrows, and the less arrows you use, the more stars you will get. There are 20 levels planned, and one more level, which has unlimited amount of targets. Enough with the explanation, let's watch a video about gameplay. Thanks for reading !

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